About Us

Feature Presentation LLC. originally began in 2012 as a misfit band of performers and costumers called The New England Brethren of Pirates.  We soon realized that that there was more to us than booty and looting. 

Our crew was made up of costumers, performers, builders, designers, seamstresses, artists and photographers.  

That sounds a bit more like a production company, not just a pirate crew!  

And so, in 2016, Pirates gave way to Feature Presentation. 

In addition to our Pirates, we have a wide variety of immersive photo ops brought to life right off the TV and Movie screens, Event Photography with the ability to print on site, small props to complete your costumes/look/display, Features Creatures- a traveling workshop fit for a monster, and the ability to create custom work to suit your needs and desires. 

Visit our Services page for more information. 

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**DISCLAIMER:  No staff member or volunteer, prop, game, display (other than ones stated on individual pages)  is affiliated with, works for, has been screen used in ANY television or movie production or is affiliated with, works for any major motion picture studio, channel or network.  All works you see are made by fans, for fans and are artistic interpretations. Partial proceeds from every display rental/ showing are donated to charity.  

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