Pretty soon, you'll be able to look through some pictures and click a button and buy some of our small props and costumes right through this page.... 

but not today. 

We've got splinters in our fingers, paint in our hair and fairly certain that at least one of us needs stitches so we have to deal with that stuff first. 

Soon though, we promise.  For now, you will just have to stalk us on social media or email us directly if you want to get your hands on our stuff. 

Feature Presentation 2018 7.jpg

**DISCLAIMER:  No staff member or volunteer, prop, game, display (other than ones stated on individual pages)  is affiliated with, works for, has been screen used in ANY television or movie production or is affiliated with, works for any major motion picture studio, channel or network.  All works you see are made by fans, for fans and are artistic interpretations. Partial proceeds from every display rental/ showing are donated to charity.  

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